Some Of Our Favourite Ways To Explore Queenstown


Queenstown is the jewel in the crown of New Zealand’s tourist industry and a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the quintessential Kiwi holiday. For many the adventure beings when their plane hits the tarmac surrounded by majestic mountain ranges and shimmering lakes.

When it comes to exploring this rugged land there are many options – whether you’re in the market for a boat-ride or a helicopter tour, Queenstown has you covered. Here are some of our favourite ways to get around the Adventure Capital of the World:

On Foot – The cheapest and, some would argue, best way of experiencing Queenstown is to just walk around. Queenstown itself is extremely pedestrian friendly, with plenty of cafes, shops, bars and restaurants within easy walking distance.

Hikers and ramblers are in for a treat, as Queenstown boasts some of the most scenic walking trails in the New Zealand. Some of the more popular hiking spots include Queenstown Hill and the Ben Lomond Summit.

On a Bike – With more than 120km of bike trails to explore around the Wakatipu Basin, it is safe to say that there is plenty here to keep avid cyclists happy. Several operators offer guided cycling tours of Queenstown and its surrounding country, and you don’t have to be an expert endurance cyclist to take part – packages are available to suit riders of all fitness levels. One of the most popular cycling tours is the Station 2 Station Cycle Trail, running from Mt Nicholas Station to Walter Peak Station and offering up views of some of the most incredible outdoor vistas you will ever see.

By Car – Nothing beats a good old-fashioned road-trip, and travelling by car is a good way to see all Queenstown has to offer in the shortest possible time. Of the many scenic drives in and around Queenstown, our favorites include the top of Queenstown Hill, the top of the Remarkables and the drive to Glenorchy.

By Boat – Perched on the shores of beautiful Lake Wakatipu and surrounded by snow-capped mountains, Queenstown offers truly incredible views that are best experienced from the water. A jaunt on the Spirit of Queenstown Scenic Cruise will reveal new perspectives on Queenstown’s waterfront, its nearby suburbs and the ever-present mountains looming above the town.

By Helicopter – Ever wanted to see the magnificent sights of Queenstown unfold before you in the air? A helicopter ride is the way to go. Winding your way across the valleys and soaring over the mountains on a helicopter will leave you breathless and asking for more.

Regardless of your mode of transport, we are confident you will find what you are looking for during your Queenstown adventure and leave satisfied.